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Greetings from the President

Aiming to be a global leader in the niche market.

Shikoku Cable is based in Sanuki City, Kagawa Prefecture since it was founded. Our specialty is coaxial cables, which are highly specialized field for information and communications. Our two main products are: coaxial cable for infrastructure which mounted on televisions, broadcasting equipment or others, and coaxial cables for automobiles. In the infrastructure field, our top-notch technological capabilities cultivated over many years, among best quality product complying JIS standards and rock-solid product supply capability arrows us to defend the top market share for long years. In the automotive field, the other hand, our technological advanced and high-quality cables have been recognized and respected form not only all Japanese automobile manufacturers but also from the overseas automobile manufacturers, which giving us a unique presence in the market.

In order to stay the one of the leading companies in the world market from the so-called "Country Region", we cherish three key “Capabilities”. First “Capability” is "development capability". We believe that without “Development Capability” you cannot answer the customer demand in quick and flexible manner, and not able to provide the best product to the market. In our process, all of section engineers, deign, product and production, are involved in the entire process from the early planning stage to the production start, including prototyping and evaluation. This enables us to reflect customer demands in products, enabling us to act in timely manner from design proposals to production systems. The second “Capability” is “Production Capability”. We believe that one of the most important “Capability” manufacture must have is the “Capability” to supply the best quality product stably. As for the production bases for stable supply to worldwide, we have 2 overseas factories, in China and Vietnam, are currently operating in addition to the factory in Sanuki City in Japan. We keep reviewing our production line and seeking “KAIZEN idea” to push us to the next level. The last “Capability” is “Quality Assurance Capability”. We believe to ensure that we supply best quality product complying the world standard, we must have “Capability” to evaluate our product accurately and all of factories have same quality systems. In order to ensure the quality required by customers at overseas production bases, we regularly dispatch technical managers from Japan to establish a system that enables us to provide stable supply of products with international competitiveness. We also seeking new technology and keen to adopt it in our quality system. We believe that our greatest mission as a manufacturer is to deliver better products to our customers faster and more reliably.

Another important element, I want to add, for our company is our “Talented Associates”. After joining the company, all associates will first experience manufacturing in the factory for one year. After that, each of you will assigned to each department and grew up with various experiences there. Since our business is so specialized, you must constantly study and improve your knowledge. When you try something new, you may face a “failure”. But I think "failure" is one of your experiences and a valuable opportunity to grow. “When our associates grow, our company will also grow”. The talented Associates are the essential for the corporate growth.

Our main product, coaxial cable, is evolved rapidly with time and it is essential to support a convenient and prosperous life. In particular, in automotive field, further demand is expected due to the diversification of needs in the video field, such as drive recorders and safety devices. In addition, the standardization of 5G (fifth-generation mobile communication sym/ceo) is expected to increase the demand for information and communications and lead to global expansion. As a company that plays a part in this future information society, we will strive and take on the challenge of becoming a global niche leader who can provide the products that the times demand.

We look forward to your continued support in the future.

September 19, 2019
President Sasaki Yasuhiro