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The cable connects trust, security and prosperous future.

Development Capability

Shikoku Cable cherishes the “Speed” in every face of development. Quick respond to the customer requests, Quick answer to the customer order, and, Quick preparation for next stage. In order to achieve this “Speed”, we organize development team, member from sales and design, product and production engineers, and this team takes responsibility of program, form concept stage to start of production. This arrows us to share information without any delay and start to act immediately in every phase of development.

Design development flow

Production Capability

Shikoku Cable cherishes the “Cable supply of high-quality products”. We have one of the largest capacities of Coax Cable production in the world and 3 manufacturing facilities in Japan, China and Vietnam. This arrows us to achieve our mission. Addition to this, we always review our process and procedure for improving our production capability to make us as the best coax cable supplier.

Quality Assurance Capability

Shikoku Cable cherishes the “Quality” as one of the most important mission. To achieve and maintain it, we are always seeking new technology and adapt it to our system. We fuse the cutting-edge technology, like shielding effect measurement, with our engineering capability cultivated over many years to design the highest quality product. We performed phthalate measurements with our Py-GC/MS and we have achieved a specific phthalate-free factory to supply specific phthalic acid free product.

Inspection equipment

We’re dedicated to ensure the quality with reliability tests and testing qualification systems.

Item Model Manufacturer
Thermal Shock Chamber TSA-73ES-A Other ESPEC Corp.
Temperature Chamber PH-201M Other ESPEC Corp.
Temperature & Humidity Chamber SH-641 Other ESPEC Corp.
Compact Ultra Low Temperature Chamber MC-810 ESPEC Corp.
Table-Top Type Precision Universal Tester AG-1kNX SHIMADZU CORPORATION
Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluoresence Spectrometer EDX-720 SHIMADZU CORPORATION
Magnet Wire Abrasion Tester No.210-ISO YASUDA SEIKI SEISAKUSHO, LTD.
Network Analyzer E5071C Other Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Precision Impedance Analyser 4294A Other Agilent Technologies, Inc.
TDR Cable Tester 1502C Tektronix Japan, Ltd.
Digital microscope VHX-5000 Keyence Corporation
Gas chromatograph mass spectrometer GCMS-QP2020 SHIMADZU CORPORATION
Image Dimension Measuring System IM-6025 Keyence Corporation
Microfocus X-Ray Inspection Systems SMX-1000plus SHIMADZU CORPORATION
EMC test instruments Tube-in-Tube Rosenberger